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                                                    YOU HAVE ENOUGH

One should have the sense of satisfaction at one point of your career,  knowing you have enough now is very necessary.  To get more and more is human nature, but where to stop is  most important.

we have lots of examples around us, a person walking dream to have a bicycle, when he gets it he enjoys for some time and then dream for a bike, he struggles and owns the bike, again after some time he has  desire for owning a car for him and so on, but he doesn't get satisfied as he needs more to enjoy, he needs more of dopamine.

At certain stage we have to set back and relax but human mind needs more! This is greed and unending desire. The day you understand, you will feel happy with what you have. Running behind everything will give you a feeling of fatigue, ultimately we are doing our work for satisfaction remember this.

Even people make some relation for the purpose of profit, such tendency is been seen in todays world, love and affection is seen less in people, why? what is the reason behind?. The answer is, "Greed", greed  to get more, to achieve more. here I am not sayin you don't earn at all or don't have a luxurious cars, you should but, there is a certain limit for everything and you should set certain limits for you so it will be easy and crystal clear to achieve, get satisfied and enjoy. so knowing you have enough is better for you and your mental health also because if you have done all your goals with satisfaction you will sleep with no hesitation and stress in your mind and ultimately you will be mentally healthy also.

so I hope you have understood the phrase you have enough. will see you all in next article till then, 

keep reading keep leading.


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