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                                                          Know You Are Enough.

The Above phrase tells us that we are enough to do any thing.

 No one is fully perfect in this world, and has some or the other flaws in them, these  flaws make us unique and different from each other. when we are on the way to achieve something , every time we cant be on right track or remain motivated but the thing is that every time we loose the track we learn something new, our experience is different which will  help us to grow. the first thing in us which is wrong that is comparison, don't ever compare your self with someone who is near by you or  you want to be like them because the surrounding between you and that person is totally different, his work style is totally different, he is totally different than you and you are totally different than him. its all right to be what you are ,who you are, it is that simple.

From my point of view the things will be different and  your point of view it may be different, this is what we humans are unique from each others. so don't just run a rat race ,wait for a while think a bit and then go ahead. you are full not half by your side because the things you know I don't, the skills you know I don't, the emotion you have I don't. the thinking style is different thus you need not feel empty because you are already full of uniqueness.

we people are always behind of something or the other which we may get it or not  because the world is so compitative now that people calculate success based on  results but not the path followed by it to achieve, but you know what you are and what you have is extraordinary, keep doing that and don't think of results ultimately your enjoyment and satisfaction is most important while you work.

every materialistic thing or a position is a mirage as you don't know when this things may get  disappear, so try living simple and full with yourself don't get disappointed with what you don't have.

because the life you are living right now is someone's dream. 

there is second phrase that is " You Have Enough" 

Now you know the  meaning of phrase "Know you are Enough" in the next article I will tell the meaning of the phrase " you have enough".

Till then keep reading keep leading. 

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