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Solve others problems to get your solutions

Improving yourself is one of the  most important step  of your success.
improving in reading, communication, behaviour, business skills or in any interesting sector of your choice will make you master of your sector.

As you improve yourself, you will have plenty of knowledge, skill related techniques, which will give you idea to start a new thing, eg. To start a business which you want it to be unique (i.e. 0 to 1 formula business), you should have a business idea which will solve others peoples problems and you will reach a place in market where no one will be competitor of yours as you have launched a new product which makes people's life simple and buying it can solve their problems. It will be a brand which people will recognize even if your competitor launches same product like yours.

Solving others problems will always give your brain an exercise and most importantly it will generate a habit in you to solve and execute a solution of every problem in your life.
You can start any problem solving business in which your product will minimize customers time, effort and gives maximum benefits.
All the inventions till today comes in the same category as the inventors worked on solving problems and make things simple and easy.
today's every unique business use this problem solving technique to generate a loyal customer.
As your agenda is providing things simpler and easier to your customers,
rely on your product and these results will give you a huge demand in market.
also apart from this, in your personal life, solving others problems will generate a great potential to solve your own bigger problems and will give you  experience to deal with it.
second thing if you are problem solver of others then others will also solve your problems or at least help in hard situations,
The cycle of universe keeps going,
How you behave, the  same universe behaves with you.
All the best.

                              -Rajvardhan Rajeshirke

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