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10 Ideas Of, Starting Your Business at 0/- investment. 2030

10 Ideas Of,
Starting Your Business at 0/- investment.

The business is defined by buying and selling some products to earn money and profit. To start a business you need an idea ,and a proper plan to execute it. and also you need a thing that is will power and patience.
Following Ideas will help you to start a business at 0/- :
1) Digital marketing:-
    Digital marketing or social media marketing is zero investment
    Business if it is planed and executed ,to sell any product marketing
    Is essential. You can share ads of companies, stores ,shops to social
    Media platform. The thing you just need is fame of your page and
    Followers, many companies gives incentives if you help them to sell
    There products online. Also companies like Amazon and Flipkart           
     Provide affiliate membership through which you can earn.
2)  Event & wedding planner:-
      If you are thinking of Planning any event, first of all you need is best
      Team with you. For example- if you are  planning a wedding you need 
       Your identity with people related to this event such as decorator,
       Camera and filming group ,and all related people so that you can
       Give job to them and also you can earn through  it.
3) Tutoring service:-
     You can start tutoring service in any topic in which you are master in,
      You can start tutorials online and offline as you wish, you can learn     
      Guitar through youtube and start tutorials on skype , you can
      Start teaching English and its different accents on skype and youtube.
       If you are  good enough in photography and filming you can start
       Teaching operation of camera and its setting online.
4)  Daily Needed products at door steps:-
      Groceries and daily needed products can be delivered to the
      Customers at their home. Firstly you can start this on small scale.
      You can go through the market and get the things needed to the
      Customers and deliver to them.
5) Driving tutorials:-:
     If you know to drive you can start your classes for driving,
    Ladies can start two wheeler tutorials as many ladies cant drive
    Two wheelers.
6) online consultant-:
    To learn new thing and practice it, or to start new thing a consultant
     Is needed.
    You can be an adviser and consultant to the people and give them some
    Tips and information regarding any field.
7)  local transportation services:-
     If you have vehicles you can start transportation services
     It can be goods transport or humans local transport.
8) cooking services
     In  cities people come in search of jobs also students comes
     For colleges and there is Question of food, hence you can start
     Cooking services and provide healthy and best food to them.
     Also you can become personal cook.
9) Rent Dslrs :-
     If you have good quality Dslr cameras you can give it on rent
     And earn money, also you can go through famous historic places,
     Some parks and Start giving photo services , digital copy or paper
     Copy as you wish.
10) youtube and internet earning:-
      You can earn through internet, you just need a good content to
      Upload. If you are confidant to camera you can start youtube
      Channel and earn money, also you can start writing blogs and you
      Can earn good enough.
These were 10 business ideas to start with 0/-
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Starting Your Business at 0/- investment. 2019

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