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Mobile addiction .

Mobile addiction


Hello Readers,
Reading the title you might have got an idea about my blog,
Yes you are reading the right, Mobile addiction is being major problem in youths.
As the child passes 8th parents give them a toy called Mobile,
Children are actually children they don't know plus-minus about it,
It's the duty of their parents to explain all this because not all the children use it right..
They see,watch  unwanted, mind damaging things,They imagin in their minds,and all bad effects we see in now a day's news.firstly Mobile isn't necessary to them at that age..
Parents should communicate with their children and explain what is right for them in it.
Actually youths are our future so if they go on wrong track  whole country suffers..
Also social media is also becoming the addiction,
Students waste their 8-10hrs reading jokes, sharing unwanted ,unnessary things ..etc
See here , it's device to help you to get acknowledge, not to get spoil,
Even old people are doing the same, instead we all can do all other work which will connect the dot in our future..
And also now youths are busy in playing games pubg ,all the day and night long ..
I am not against it ,you should play it to refresh your mind,to enjoy playing with friends but not living all your important work and studies.
I recently came to know about my friends one  incident, he was  playing game ,he took his
mobile to toilet and while playing ,his mobile felt in drainage hole in toilet..
See how we are additicted to this toy (mobile),
Parents are shouting in home but no response ,but mobile once vibrated or notifies, we get to it even if we are eating or bathing too.
Mobile brought whole world in hand ,but who showed us this world we ignore them..
It's my request to you use it but don't cross limits, don't miss use it, don't even think of using for bad things..
Promise me as well as your parents you will use mobile only for knowledge and little entertainment..
It's for your own good future and life..

Be Happy , think what is right and then choose your path,All the Best

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