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Reading Keeps You Leading.

Reading Keeps You Leading

Hello Readers,
Reading acknowledge us, reading helps us to increase our vocabulary, reading makes our thinking better and creative.
Reading in any language makes you to have master over it.
Reading will help you to improve imagination, The More you read the more correctly you write.Have you ever observed foreigners in any place wasting their time,they don't waste their time on Mobile's, they keep themselves busy in reading some or the other books.
They are interested in fetching knowledge, learning new things.reading improves your skills.
Reading improves your communication,if you are a reader means you are more interested to learn new things every day, reading relaxes your mind and make you feel better.
George R.R.Martin has said  A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies...The man who never reads lives only one.who want to rise above in their lives should keep reading.
Read biographies of the people who are successful in their lives,learn something from it.
Reading will help you to tackle in each difficult will make you a better person.
Read newspaper, encyclopedia, books of famous author's.
Instead of kidding with friends, keep reading with legend's.
One should have greed to read.
So my friends reading keeps you leading.
Keep reading new books..
Also keep reading my Blogs
Remain happy
All the best 😊

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