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Enjoy Every Small Success To Achieve Bigger One

There is no life without problems, everyone in their life faces some  or the other problems. Some try to solve and some just blame others are cry for their destiny.
Solving problems in real life will make you a habit to think,  to overcome through failures.
Push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new,  which you fear to learn or you feel that you can't do it.
This will give you a courage to fight with every problems.

Enjoying this small success will give you a potential to achieve big success because you have won with your fears, with your problems in your life.
Example:-Everyone have some or the other fear in their mind, fear to learn swimming in water ,or thinking that they can't lose their weight, this are their comfort zones.
if they don't try to or don't overcome through this, then their mind will always be relaxed and will never be active to solve new or critical problems in life.
There are many connect the dots in life which you don't know in present but, in future when you look behind you will be able to know that, because of trying new things or learning things have given you that potential to achieve biggest goals of your life.

 Enjoying when you achieve small things will release dopamine, dopamine motivates you to pursue your goals.
Greater the dopamine level greater is the potential to achieve success.
Giving rewards to yourself after achieving something is good because, you get new experience to learn, you get your dots to connect  it in your future, you go one step ahead towards your success.
So guys push yourself out of your comfort zone and enjoy your success,
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