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Share your experiences not your secrets.

Every unique business gets successful on its ideas and its formulas. So keeping your secrets up to you makes no competitions and can help to sustain your business. Actually sharing is good but, not all things are meant to share.

Sharing your secrets will make others to clone your business while sharing your experiences will motivate others to start business from zero to one.
Many millionaires work 30% in their products which is their most secret, remaining 70% is done by their staff.
That 30% is the thing which no others in the world, other than them can do in their product.
Hence, the product without them is incomplete. This makes business unique and best.

Aacharya chanakya from mauryan empire said in one of his teachings- never share your secrets with anyone also not with your friends, because can't say that friend would become enemy anytime and would reveal your secrets to everyone.
Also sharing experience is important too.
This will give a blueprint on what is business and how to start etc.

The Coca-Cola is the best example, it provides syrup to each countries and tell them to add percent of soda and percent of water, but they don't tell the recipe of the Main syrup.
Why is it so, you all know if they share the recipe, then all countries will make competition with their Coca-Cola company.

So keep this thing in mind never share your unique formula or secrets to anyone.
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                                    -Rajvardhan Rajeshirke

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