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Role of a parents to make their child millionaire

The parents or guardian plays a big role in successful life of their child.
Children see their parents as their first role model. Sometimes they act or mimic like them also try to copy each actions of their parents. Hence it is the whole responsibility of the parents to behave good in front of their child.
So, How the parents of a millionaire should behave?

Actually if you want to make your child a millionaire, the first thing you should follow and teach your child is discipline.
Discipline in the work,in study, in their hobby. Here you should observe your child's interest, passion and then guide them so that they would improve their skills in specific career.
When a child is small, when he/she is a kid  analyse them.
Example:-if the child is interested more in sports than studies or interested in cultural events,or  in science, mechanics then parents should encourage them to learn their best and to achieve excellence in their field.
Child is like wet mud of a Potter, it acquires the shape which is given by the parents, teachers and their surroundings.
Note a thing:- do not pressurise your child or force them to pursue the career in which you want to, let your child decide what they actually  love to do the most. The thing in which they can focus for many hours without any distractions.
Play with your child, enjoy being with them, Cheer them.

Make the habit to exercise and meditate with your child. It will make your child physically as well as mentally strong.
Motivate them, take them to motivational movies, speeches, make a habit of reading a small book with your child so that they will develop a habit of reading. Read one book for one month and at last saturday of the month bring the new book from the library or from a book store.
Have a great chat hours every day when you get free about do and don'ts.
Tell them to share their feelings, thoughts and difficulties so that you can guide your child.
The environment around your child matter their success.keep a healthy environment. Also the friends circle in which they lives also explain them how to distinguish friends.
The good and positive friend becomes a part of great success.
Also school is the palace where your child gets nurture.he/she remains in school for 6 hours. so it is important to choose right school, right environment to your child.
You should be in touch with the teachers so that you would get reports, interests of your child.
Financial education is also important.
You should give small amount to your child and tell them to buy something from the shop and should ask them how much money would come in return.
Also teach your child about saving so that at early age he/she will understand the value of it because the money you save is the money you earned.
So keep in mind, a child is your good friend treat them good and also strict when necessary.
I hope all the parents would follow and develop their self and also their child.

Keep reading keep leading.
All the best.🙏😊
                                   -Rajvardhan Rajeshirke